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Friday, October 17, 2014

What God Cannot Do: Tumor Update

I don't believe in luck. I believe in a plan. No coincidences, no accidents. I believe in something more than fate and destiny. I believe in a designer.
I see God as an architect. The design is perfect but because He uses less than perfect beings in His plan, He has to cover up their mistakes. In the end, all the corners we cut will be unseen. Perfection will be all that remains after covered by His blood.
I've often compared Jesus to a pilot. Some might say we've been circling the "valley of the shadow of death" a little too close for comfort. I've walked in this valley with family and friends. I found out  comfort's overrated. I prefer an awesome view. Awesome views require efforts. Photos are nice but there's nothing like being there. So, let's get a little closer. Most people sacrifice too much life just to be comfortable. 
 The operation was a success. Most of the tumor was removed. We'll know more the next MRI. The initial diagnosis of a benign tumor was wrong. It's a chordoma not an epidermoid. Meaning it's cancer. Specialized radiation will follow in Boston.  As far as cancer goes, about as good as it gets. Battle lines have been drawn.
A few Sundays from now we'll start a new series called Fight. God's timing wows me. For some time now, it's been very clear to me the enemy has stated "this means war." With God's help, I intend to give him one. Before finding out about this tumor, I was spreading the gospel. Just a week before my first episode with my tumor, I applied to Liberty University with a major of evangelism. The tumor is probably the answer to getting the impossible done.. Holy sabotage, when will Satan learn?  If anything I intend to be more urgent, since I have the enemy's attention. I encourage you to be an adversary of hell to the point Satan wages war. You need supplies, not comfort, to be formidable. If you're comfortable with merely surviving, Jesus is going to give you a wake up call. Trust me, there are things an almighty God can not do.
He cannot lie. Meaning He won't break His promises. I will have them in this life or the next. I will be rescued. This is working together for my good. This is the best thing that could have happened. Ask Bob Granata, if a tree landing on his house in August 2012, was the best thing? You'll get a different answer than the night I picked him up. We prayed through tear filled eyes but we claimed Romans 8:28. 
He cannot be wrong. Make no mistake about it, God doesn't make mistakes. "His plan included you and me and this day. Forever He knew it would be this way." I didn't plan on tumors or cancer but God did. He's ready for this even if I'm not. He's used to carrying me. Dragging me might be more like it. I'm ready to praise Him for it. All of it. Don't you dare not rejoice in this.
He cannot fail.  And he won't. He's in control. His plan is perfect, not easy. I asked for a larger testimony. He gives us what we ask for. "Don't pray that unless you mean it". Now where have I heard that before ? Oh yeah, from Kevin at the Rock, countless times over sevin years. 

You get God can do anything, but He's too holy to to some things,right?
I'm inviting you on this journey to show you how sweet it can be. Let's experience this life preparing for the next. The plane is always circling the shadow of the valley of death. Sure, you can pull the blind down or close your eyes to ignore it. Stick your head in the sand.  If you do, you'll likely miss a glimpse of something wonderful and beautiful over the horizon. Like heaven. 

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