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Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Living Legacy

Four years ago, I started writing The Broken Vessel because of a challenge from my pastor Kevin Childs. He said we should do what God has called us to do.
       Privately I said to Kevin,'Everytime I think I have given everything to God, God shows me I have more to give." 
       The pastor replied," Christians are like buckets with holes in them. We keep leaking and God keeps filling us up. Over and over." Our pastor was the most encouraging man I have ever known. That day the Broken Vessel was born. Since then, I've been" Pouring out my thoughts and love for Jesus Christ, who is still shaping and molding me. He can fill broken vessels, over and over." 2573 people from sixteen countries have waded in the shallow waters leaking from a busted bucket, constantly under repair by the master. He used Kevin Childs to do much of that repair. While constantly challenging us to be the best we could be, Kevin reminded us, God loves us even when we are at our worst. It's easy to say " I love god, love people, and want to do something about it. It's much harder to make Conway the hardest place on earth to get to hell from." Kevin wanted us to be "doers". 
Last year, Kevin said to me, " think about what you aren't doing that you should be." I gave him a puzzled look but I knew I was supposed to be counciling lost people. So I did. This year I have been there as four people passed from death into life. I saw firsthand, marriages healed by counciling instructions we learned in his sermons. I have seen financial miracles. I've seen broken hearts healed. It is the greatest thing I've ever been part of. It wouldn't have happened without Kevin and the Rock. I will miss him.
There would be a huge hole in my heart if I hadn't met Kevin Childs. Not just him, but people I met because of him. I couldn't have let Ian take his first drive. (Kevin said I was crazy). I couldn't have met his wonderful wife,  Polly.  I'd never met Matt or Randy who do their best to teach us. Or Debbie who is an angel in my book. I wouldn't have read "Let Me Fall " because I wouldn't have known Beth Pensinger. I couldn't brag about being taller than Jerimiah. I'd never met awesome believers like Phil & Wendy Adams. Without Kevin I'd never have known Tina Arms is as sweet as she is pretty. Or what a great man Perry is. I wouldn't be in John Lowe's my group. That's huge. And not just cause John's the man. Meaning, what if I'd never tasted Gina's cake? Or heard their boys sing? What if I'd never heard Julie pray? Or hugged Donna? or picked on my man Tony. I'd never felt the safety from being under Jim and Mike's protection. Ann wouldn't have encouraged me to keep on writing. Becky the first person to befriend me, wouldn't be keeping me straight. Martin and Danielle whose generosity is overwhelming, would be in other peoples lives. Jody and Kevin Gray would be making someone else laugh. Julienne wouldn't be there to keep reminding us there is two sides to every story. Never would I have known one of Bob's incredible prophetic one liners? Speaking of Bob, without Kevin, no moped and no house. And there's many more wonderful people I could list. What if I'd never met them ? " Jesus slays the WHAT IF monster." Remember who taught us that?
    Kevin, taught us so much. One of the most important things he taught me was the importance of bringing people together. How only eternal things matters. He kept telling
us our job to " make our community the hardest place on earth to get to hell from" would go on after he was gone. It's part of our legacy in Christ and it is connected forever to our pastor and friend. It is as alive as our savior.  It's a living legacy.