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Saturday, October 11, 2014

What Can You Tolerate?

In my own opinion, I'm a person who tolerates a lot. I'm not sure exactly what I'm comparing myself to but it's what I feel. Even when the world tells me that I'm not, I still believe I'm normal. If I'm not normal, can we still be friends? I need to come out of the closet and tell you what I really am. I'm a bible believing Christian. Can you tolerate me? Can you accept  me and my worldview without asking me to conform to yours? If I believe we traded holiness for tolerance and that we should return to holiness, is that a problem? Can I tell you all these things about myself and you still love me? You can be just as tolerate as I can? Great. I want to know, if I try to "change attitudes", like Family Equality does, will it be ok? I need you to know the truth. We both can't be normal. We both can't be right. Do you still love me?

We lost this nation, not to political correctness, but to Christian apathy.  Though there never will be a political solution to a spiritual problem, churches tolerated liberal agenda. Social programs replaced Christian charity. Wolves in sheep's clothing moved in and we let them. If people were looking for love in all the wrong places, then we didn't give them anywhere else to look. Many pastors void of spine and guts refused to tell the biblical truth from the pulpit. It's much easier to point fingers or turn a blind eye than bandage wounds. Parishioners tolerated it because it felt good. Homosexuality became the scape goat to atone for greed, gluttony, and sloth. Likewise too many pastors and parishioners couldn't or wouldn't sit with someone at the well, like Jesus did, and make friends. It's there Jesus has the opportunity to show faults with no one around. We gathered with our stones forgetting the words "neither do I condemn thee". So, they never hear "go and sin no more". 

All sin is selfishness. All sin breaks commandment nĂºmero uno. That makes you into your own God. It's why picking fruit we are not supposed to equates to murdering the entire human race. That's what makes sin equal. It's why my sins are just as big as yours. It's being disobedient to God. It will damn us unless Jesus is our God. 
There's nothing God loves more than sinners. There's nothing God hates more than our sins. If you think about it, that's the way you'd want it. Otherwise, He'd left us in our sorry state without hope. In regards to your sins "neither do I condemn thee" because I am a sinner, I got no stones. For throwing that is. I will condemn sin, not sinners. Starting with my own.  There's plenty of sexual sin on my conscience. Jesus paid for all of them. We shouldn't willfully give into our sinful desires if we are trying to please Him. According to the bible, homosexual behavior is a sin. So are plenty of sexual things I've done. I'm sorry we made light of our own sins. I'm sorry we somehow ungraciously overstated yours. Both were/are sins. Whatever your sin, well that's between you and God. Not loving you enough to tell you the truth, would be between me and God. Allowing this nation to sin as a whole will be a collective problem. We don't have to agree. I love you more than our friendship.
If you're demanding I take notice of any sin and call it normal, that's sinful. 
 It's hard for me to sin and flaunt it.  At least, I hope it is. Pride in sinful activity is like doubling down on God's grace. It's too much of a gamble for me. Call it judging it you must. Maybe you're right, it's just I'm not going to argue with God about it. Not some God I made up. The God of the Bible. Not some version of God you created that makes you and I feel better about our sins. God followers never have been winners in a popularity contest. Especially these days. Just because you want to be in something sacred and holy, doesn't mean you are. Something about carrying your own cross, isn't appealing. It might mean crucifying your selfish desires for holiness.

What should scare everyone, regardless of their opinion, is how one sided the ruling is. Is this really how you want to have society determine things? Shouldn't we have the ability to define somethings and set limits on what makes them qualify as such? Or should we sacrifice everything to be tolerated?

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