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Thursday, October 9, 2014


Somewhere out there is a well-meaning friend baffled by my belief how an all powerful God, who allowed my brain tumor, can love me. They say I just look for God in life's explainable coincidences. I say He fitted me and my circumstances inside His divine plan and I'm glad. I say despite the enemy's role within the circumstances, God's always in control. He's plan is perfect.  Before it's over, I'll probably have enough explainable coincidences of how He prepared me, brought me through, and propelled me forward through this, for His glory,  to write a book.  We could debate the issue for days. From my buddies to Dawkins, the most common arguement against the existence of the God of the bible is "He must be cruel". I think nature is cruel because man was/is cruel. I think man is cruel because he chose to be. Disobedient, to God that is. Funny how a society incapable of judging anything sinful can judge God. That's not a coincidence it's irony. What a strange coincidence it would be, that the bible predicts and explains such. Apparently, to them the only way part of the bible could be true is if God is a cruel judge. Remarkably, those "without excuse",       (-P̶a̶r̶d̶o̶n̶- the biblical reference ) act unafraid of this possibility. Instead of scaring sense into them, this fuels their belief anyone who believes differently is intellectually challenged. In the case they might not be idiots, Richard Dawkins and likes of would add the adjectives insane and evil, just like their God. To them, what Christians believe to be a plan, can be explained as gigantic fluke. Circumstantial evidence (or the lack of) at best, accounts for everything and even nothing, simultaneously, for them.  Most of the time, they shake their heads as I bow mine. 
To them, there are no divine appointments like this. 
I've been praying for the surgeons to have the heart and mind of Christ. Call me crazy. I'm used to it. 

Years ago, some unknown missionary, while spreading the gospel, converted an an unknown Korean girl. Her family, who followed Confucius, converted because of her transformation. Along with the missionaries, they started a school for the poor. Or so the story goes, according to the Christian doctor drilling the hole in my head, Monday. He says he owes not only his religion but also his education to those who shared the gospel with his grandmother, who once followed Confucius. It's a lineage, though untraceable, back to the heart and mind of Christ.  So, I have my confirmation, an answer from a God they say doesn't exist. It will only be another coincidence that I'll owe my life to a man who believes. Just a random chance will have caused a missionary schools founded by believers to impact his life then save mine. They choose not to see it, as if, every beautiful discovery was made by those not searching for things they were sure didn't exist. Is that scientific? Nope, just another strange coincidence predicted in the bible. 
In the meantime, my super intellectual friends, completely fulfilled in this life and all it has to offer,  who are convinced there's nothing more, and are sure of my delusional state and strange coincidences, have something to ponder upon. Why on earth would Duke University allow such a scientificly deficit, an idiot who even believes in Christ, to preform brain surgery? I can't speak for Duke university. However, my personal reason is if you have to have a idiot get under skin to the point they get into your head, well it wouldn't be you. 

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