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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Jellyfish Teach Us to Live Forever 

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A scientists from Japan thinks he has found the secret to immortality in the Scarlet Jellyfish. Shin Kubota has studied jellyfish for 35 years. From the artical: 

 "When an adult scarlet jellyfish -- or medusa -- is injured, it goes to the bottom of the ocean floor. From there, it morphs back into its infant state, known as a polyp. Then the polyp becomes a new medusa ..."

Immortality has long fascinated scientist and explorers. From the early efforts of alchemist to Ponce de Leon, they search for a secret we already possess. The essence of our faith is a creator's sacrifice and His divine plan to choose us through our belief in His ability to overcome death. Since our God will always remain somewhat mysterious, proof will never be obtainable for us. Our frustrain is not based on our need to be accepted by nonbelievers but in our concern for lost souls. They simply want logical reasons to believe. While we cannot provide definitive proof our God exist, our faith can be logical. The built in desire to search for a way to live forever is the homing beacon to our creator. You'd expect a mysterious creator to sign His work much like artist will camouflage signatures in their works of art. Maybe that is what the cone nebula, the legend of the sand dollar, and dogwood are. Perhaps the jellyfish that lives forever because it is "born again" isn't. It could be merely a coincidence that scarlet means " change" and is a biblical reference to Christ's blood. It could be a series of random flukes when the bible references God leaving our sin on the ocean floor in Micah 7. and if anyone in Christ is a new creature in 2 Corinthians 5:17. 
 Here's what I know. Sin will injure you. Once you're at the bottom, Christ doesn't leave you there only your sin. He will lift you up if you're born again. Christ 's blood will change you and you will live forever. Oh yeah, one more thing I know. Multiple coincidences aren't logical.