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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Big Picture

I'm not what you'd call a frequent flyer. Though I love to travel, opportunity is rare and as a justifiable necessity almost nonexistent. The infrequency makes appreciation of rare moments easy. Like the Grand Canyon from 15,000 ft. It's one of the Father's great works of art, the canyon is incomprehensible from photos. It's even hard to grasp the enormous size even in person from the ground. As I looked through the window of the plane, I thought of how much better God's point of view is than ours. He sees things completely, inside and out. Taken in by the intricate carving and painting of His grandiose design, I thought,  the hands that knitted together and continue to mold us are the hands belonging to one that considers us His masterpieces. Much like a dissatisfied artist will discard an imperfect piece in which we would find no flaw, He has decided to destroy this world.  So you know, heaven's really something since He has had eternity to perfect it. With His infinite wisdom and perfect love He guides us. That might even include a free trip to Sin City. Perhaps, to share the gospel with a bartender. I don't know what she'll do with it. I'll probably never know what God does with her but she's His one of His masterpieces. We can trust Him with the details. He sees the big picture.

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