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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Rough Sunday at the Rock.

Sundays are great. Rock Sundays are awesome. Beach baptism Sundays are the best. Honestly today, another adjective comes to mind. Sundays are rough . There's so much we still miss about our pastor. I always read the Sunday night cranium dump (his blog). I so looked forward to it. It highlighted the day and pumped us up for the next week. It made us laugh, soberly convicted us, and encouraged a closer walk with Christ. Praised the band.  Shared his thoughts on how we could improve upon what we are already doing. It was sure to mention the number of those who gathered and those who crossed over from death into life. I missed the cranium dump so much tonight I thought of how the day went and how he would have put it down.

Today, I was so proud of our church. Over 800 gathered to hear the good news. I led a young man to Christ in the lobby. Best part of the day. 

The Rock band version of Amen was awesome. No, I haven't heard better.  Some people will get that. Missed K-lock and Mary. Hunter and Justin Lowes rocked worship at beach baptism. We need to get better sound equipment for that event. 

In spite of rough waters and a purple flag ( dangerous aquatic life ) being out, many went all in for Jesus. Matt Brown gave a great explanation of baptism. He 's come along way for a Clemson fan.  He sounded a lot like a great preacher as he joked about today being a good day to go to heaven. Actually, any day is a good day. As long as we are here, let's get more people ready for the trip. Right?

 Kelly should get an award for her efforts to capture the moments on film. Jim Brown led us in a prayer huddle, remembering our friend but propelling us forward. It was only possible to stand because we leaned on each other. Probably a metaphor there. I will always remember that prayer. It was worth the trip just for that. Have I told you I was so proud of our church today? Rough waters won't prevent our being obedient to God. He will eventually calm the seas. 

Personal thoughts: There is beauty even in the roughness. Four years ago Kevin baptized me. Today we baptized a Kevin. He's brand new adventurer on a journey with an endless destination! Our savior is alive! We are alive and we will live forever. 
 I told you it is a living legacy. 

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