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Monday, May 25, 2015

When in Doubt, Do.

Each time I speak or write, I take time the next day to reflect on the message I've delivered. In hopes that the next time I'll be better. No matter how fancy it sounds or how excitedly it is delivered, it's the same 2000 year old message. We are hopelessly lost without Jesus. In the back of every speaker's mind, who loves and fears God, is the hope the Holy Spirit moves people and not their delivery, or personality. There's always a doubt a little too much of the flesh got out in your message. It's sort of chaotic. I'm not sure it should be any different. I've come to trust that doubt as the only sign of my sincerity. 

Beyond my sincerity, is the call I received from Him. I only know of two things each God calls people to and from. He calls us to Himself and life and away from sin and death. These reflection moments have taught me my doubts are not an excuse for not continuing but a reason to continue to "press on".  We are "saved by grace through faith."and "faith without works is dead." God might call us to a different location or vocation but it won't be a vacation.There's a lot of things yet to do.
We shouldn't let doubt stifle the spirit.

God does gives us "a peace that  surpasses all understanding". It comes from the fact  while we have no power to change things, He can change anything. He can and does use anything or anyone to do it. Even us.

 Pray God will use us to change lives by engaging and impacting the community.  Share how God helps you overcome doubts in the comments below .


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