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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What I Have in Commom With Bruce Jenner

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, right and wrong still existed. Normal was king. Well, it wasn't so long ago. In 1977,  Star Wars debuted and the athlete formerly known as Bruce was on the Wheaties box. Crazy fantasies used to be expressed on screen. Now, they take on reality. Or at least, the cover of Vanity Fair. Today, nothing can be wrong unless it's right. It's a warning sign from the word's of Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Those who dare celebrate Bruce Jenner's decision are doing just that .
 People used to say, "have you had your Wheaties, yet?" If you answer, " yes", it will now be followed with "can you keep them down?"  The controversy has sparked all kinds of opinions. .Click here to see these from A Different World , where Bailey admits despite how he was raised, once the new wears off,  he can get used to Jenner. A different world?  Indeed not, just the same old fallen one. A world gone mad. Bailey's right about one thing. "people will adjust once the novelty wears off".  As they adjust, it will take stranger things to stun them. As we slide further down the slippery slope, what new version of iniquity will America embrace as normal?  The situation brings curiosity and many questions come to mind. Many want to know why a man like Jenner would do such. Could it be an addition to media attention? Was this a breakdown or a publicity stunt designed to generate money?  It doesn't matter. What matters is it was a desperate cry for help that went unheard except for those ready cash in on Jenner's insanity. Since the love of money is the root of all evil, from the mad scientist, who call themselves surgeons, to the magazine companies, all were lining up to sale their souls. As long as, they get their piece of the pie.
Many theories have been tossed about on what might have caused this disorder. Understandably, more than a few have compared Jenner's ordeal to self mutilating. When the novelty wears off, even if the majority accept Jenner, I wonder if he will accept himself? Apparently, Jenner, has never been able to feel at home in his own skin. Apparently, something is missing. Something he needs to fill. Where Jenner went wrong was he tried  to fix the inside by changing the outside. I guess Jenner took the "less is more" quote seriously. The reason this will never work for him is it isn't real. It's just worthless pieces of plastic.
Every believer knows there is a God sized hole in your soul that only God can fill. Every child of God, has this much in common with Jenner, at one time or another, all of us have tried to fill that hole from the outside.
 So, how should a child of God respond to Jenner and others like him?
1. Teaching others the word of God and by walking it out. What we are for, is more important than what we are against. Offer as much grace as possible without compromising our principals. We should never celebrate sinful behavior.
2. Resisting the temptation to laugh at people like Jenner. Sin isn't funny. It cost Christ his life. Proverbs 14 teaches us "fools laugh at sin"
3.Praying for Jenner and others like him, no one is not beyond redemption.
4. Remembering that rebellion has been our normal since the garden. A world gone mad was exactly what Christ died for in the first place.Everytime we sin, we break what Jesus said was the greatest commandment. It doesn't get any worst than that and we all have done it. Their are plenty of "normal" sins. We should find our own sins just as sickening as Jenners.

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