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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Tomboy I Call Moma.

Proverbs 31 best describes the type of mother I have, except additionally she's a tomboy. I'm so thankful for that. Not just for teaching me how to dig for fish bait. Oh, she was pretty enough to be a southern belle but she just wasn't prissy. She'd catch tadpoles or lizards. As a child, she taught me to embrace diversity in work and people without abandoning my heritage or principals. So, making and keeping many deep relationships have been the rewards for the variety of hard work.  She is tough.  Tougher than a lot of guys. You get that way working on a farm and running a hardware store. She picked butter beans and turned bolts. She'd cook breakfast and supper and still managed to make life interesting in between. I don't know how she did all she did. She has this knack for growing things. People as well as plants. I could tell you how incredible it was to have her for a mother but you wouldn't believe me. So, I won't bother with telling you how multi-talented and resourceful she is or how she has an underdeveloped artistic flair. I'll tell you some things I picked up from her.
 Brutal honesty, a trait that's as much a liability as it is an asset. That's not an apology, like it or not it's the truth. Her love of life and nature, creating my obsession for scuba diving. Her love for stories. My bedtime stories were the heroes from the Old Testament. These created a boldness and craving for adventure that can only be satisfied by living the Christian life and the telling His story through my life. She taught me her: fear of The Lord, furious love, determination, dependability, loyalty, and compassion without forgetting of justice.   Mom and I have done everything from fishing to sewing, cooking to constuction.  We even fought a war with cancer. And won. From guns and hammers to brooms and spoons my mom taught me to use the right tools to get the job done. She taught me a lot. But to be brutally honest, as a mother, she has been far from perfect. She has just been simply the best . Happy Mother 's Day.
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