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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Don`t Let the Facts Get in the Way

 Yesterday while at Duke, one of the nurses told me, how she`d go scuba diving only if she had been diagnosed with something like I have. It`s on her bucket list.  I say, life is a death sentence. If you are waiting to live until you`re dying, God gave you the green light the day you were born. Live. Jesus came that we might live life to the fullest. Check it out John chapter ten. It`s good stuff.
Jerry Clower often said, ``never listen to the facts. If David had of listened to the facts, he never would have fought Goliath.`` For believers, those are great words to live by. Faith trumps facts, but to know that, you need to know the facts. At least then you`ll know how big the miracle is.  Some atheist like to say, `` never let the facts get in the way of a good story.``I couldn`t agree more.
 On September the 12, at my first consultation with a neurosurgeon, I was told 60% debunking of my tumor was the best I could hope for. Never let the facts get in the way of hope.  They promised me a spinal drain and a skin graph. I knew the facts. I just wasn`t listening. Like many of you, I was praying too hard to listen.
While at Duke the past two days, Doctors removed crusting left over from the surgery. It was kind of like a cystoscoping the nose while you are awake. (I absolutely can`t wait to hear the the funny comments that are sure to come after that reference ) It hurt more than a little. It probably would have hurt worse except I was still on a high. Just moments before the procedure, I found out my entire tumor is gone. Doctors have been amazed at my recovery from the surgery. So far, the fact is they have been wrong about the facts and I`m not complaining. Praise God, I have had no spinal drain, no skin graft. Now, I have no tumor. It doesn`t surprise me. When people pray, God specializes in changing the facts. I had lots of prayer and covet them still. Yesterday`s second highlight was when my Doctor`s final words to me were, ``I`ll be praying for you.``Finding out I might be well enough to dive later this year had to be a close third.

I`m not out of the woods yet, but it is encouraging.  The pathology came back as the mid grade chordoma. It could have been better but it could have been worse. Much worse.
In a few days, I`ll go to Boston for 8-1/2 weeks of daily treatments. The fact is, 51% of these tumors return after total resection. Radiation is the best prevention for regrowth. I`ll follow the Doctors orders because just one cell can cause the tumor to regrow. Periodically, I`ll be screened for cancer. I don`t think anyone would think me wise to quit now. Nobody would recommend a less aggressive treatment for this sickness. I sought the best doctors, and the best hospitals. How much sense would it make to miss appointments, skip medications, or ignore follow up treatment?

We have the best of the best when it comes to Christianity. Still, we miss many appointments with God.  We skip opportunities to grow and often ignore His instructions. Apparently, we want the cure but we are afraid of the treatment. Some seem to want to get injected with just enough Jesus to miss hell. I am trying the more radical Jesus everyday treatment since I don`t want to miss life. He`s assured me there`s room for more and the treatments are free. You coming?