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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Why I Don't Want Justice for Ferguson.

There's a lot of injustice in the world. Abortions, to the tune of one every other second while someone who desperately wants a child goes without, tops my list. There's more. Hunger, poverty, child abuse, human trafficking, and I could go on. I wish we could just wish it all away but you can't. You know what else doesn't make injustices go away? Pretending they don't exist. Let's face it, when it comes to taking responsibility for our shortcomings, honesty never has been humanity's strong point. It's an age old problem that started way back. Way back, in the beginning. Actually, as far back as in the garden. Turning a blind eye to injustice is what we do best. Don't kid yourself, black people still suffer from the injustice of social inequality. Despite the advancements America has made, racism is still alive. As long as we are being honest, racism is a two way street. That's the truth and it's another problem no one wants to admit. Race is a touchy subject that nobody wants to touch unless it benefits their pocket book or soothes their conscience. With Ferguson burning in the background of the Brown shooting, racial tensions are running high. So, even the truth needs to be delivered with temperance. Despite whatever extenuating circumstances led up to the death of Michael Brown, besides God Himself, only Brown and Wilson will ever truly know what happened. It's a tragedy no matter who's fault it is and it should break our hearts. Brown and Wilson and You and I have two things in common. We are image bearers of God and none of us remember that enough. Yet, anger has both sides calling for justice. Are you sure anyone really wants justice? So what should honest and concerned believers learn and do to bring about healing?

What we can learn:
Ferguson has confirmed many things. For one thing, the inability for the government to protect society from itself. We have gotten a little taste of anarchy and it isn't sweet.  The government has only watched as protesters demolished a town. So much for "it can't get any worse." Governments must operate on laws and enforce them. Ours failed. On the other hand, our beliefs operates on our faith. Are believers holding the government to a higher standard than themselves? I think so because we have failed too.  If people can be so bold to do wrong things, with God on our side and a government incapable of maintaining order, why do believers wallow in complacency? We need to learn to stand up for what is right, peacefully.

What we can do:
Stop cursing the darkness. We need to acknowledge our own roles in the sins of our nation. Our entire nation needs to repent. For that to happen, it will have to begin in hearts that belong to the body of Christ. Few believers from either both side of the racial divide in Ferguson offer any solutions. It always has been easier to shake our fist at the darkness than to become a light. Most of what you hear is a focus and griping about the problems. Believers should be offering solutions instead of just complaining. Since our God died for all races, I can't imagine a race problem in heaven. You'll never shine brighter than when you share the hope of the gospel. If you really want to combat racism, worship and pray with members of other races. Nothing heals communities better than collectively worshipping the Healer.

The truth about Justice
Justice is something everyone wants for everybody else. Nobody wants justice for themselves. For themselves they want mercy. Mercy is just injustice in the form of grace. Want proof? Know anyone who has worn out the words "I'm sorry". How many times have you and I said those words? Christ followers should know this better than anyone. We believe everyone has sinned and there's no one who doesn't deserve the death sentence. You can refer to Romans 3:22-23 and 6:23 Justice would have burned all our cities and crucified even the holiest of earthly saints. First and foremost, we need to offer the grace of Jesus. Grace gets Justice out of Mercy's way. Mercy rescues Lot as Justice burns down Sodom. How Ironic, the cure all for injustice came from the ultimate life of enduring injustices. He was conceived out of wedlock, born into poverty, and still overcame social inequality. He was wrongly accused and arrested. Arguably because of His race, He did not receive a fair trial. He was convicted of crimes He did not commit. Jesus was condemned for someone else's crime. He was killed by the local law enforcement. The greatest injustice of all unites all of mankind's races in a hope to overcome all injustices. Grace triumphs over Justice, praise God.