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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Tell of Two Doctors

I don't usually like going to the doctor.
Now, I don't have White Coat Syndrome but I avoid the doctor like the plague. We often treat going to the doctor as if we are on death row and they are executioners. More than once, I've heard my wife say jokingly,"if people stay away from doctor, they won't get sick." What a humorous yet tragic misconception. Sure, it's laughable until you actually need a physician. 
Faced with a potentially life threatening condition, suddenly I want a doctor. Or in this case five or more.
His diagnosis: treatable not curable. The benign mass has attached itself to the carotid artery which prevents 50% to 40% from being removed. Bottom line: a dangerous surgery, (twice as dangerous as bypass surgery. so pray neither of us sneezes) a tumor that will grow back, and a lifetime commitment to manage the problem. Over all, our first encounter went well. I suspect we will become great friends and in that, my trust in him will grow. Still, I'm already comparing him to another physician.
 Jesus calls Himself a doctor. It's no wonder. His patients treat Him as we treat our earthly doctors. Some have no idea they are infected. Others hope by not showing up at the doctor 's office they won't be diagnosed or contract the disease. Some question treatment others flat out refuse it.  It's tragic, since the cure has been paid for in full.
His diagnosis: Sin addiction. Terminal if left untreated. Curable but with lifelong symptoms that must be continually managed by patient and doctor.  Surgery must be done on your heart and mind. To  treat the symptoms apply God's word daily.  It's a universal medicine. You can become addicted but you can't overdose. Additionally, the patient should make regular daily appointments with the doctor through prayer. As well as, frequent visits to the local hospital called the church, the patient will be encouraged to attend a support group of recovering addicts.
Everything will be left up to the doctor except the patient's confidence.
 As I further examine the similarity of these two doctors, I only have faith in one of them. He ultimately has the last say in all things. As far as the other guy goes, what kinda of idiot would I have to be to go through brain surgery and not follow the doctor's orders? I know, the ridiculously stupid kind with a death wish.  And He ain't even God. Ever notice it's those not following doctors who complain about their progress?  Take the doggone medicine.

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