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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Major Award

 If you have seen the "Christmas Story", you'll no doubt remember the lamp scenes. Perhaps you missed it, but hiding behind  the soft glow of "electric sex" gleaming in the window was what Ralph's father referred to as a major award. What is about awards? Why do some people need them so badly? I've won a few contest over the years but I've given up the Grammy. But I have known a fake friend or two who can still hope for an Academy award. Truth is, my house is void of any trophy, ribbon, or plaque. I have never been the best at anything. I'm not much on sucking up or shutting up. So, I am not up for any nice guy awards. Certainly as a Christain, I have never been as nice as I'd like to be. Ever notice those special people who never seem to be rewarded? Like those forgiving souls in the tough marriage, determined to make it work, inspite of the advice of friends and family.  Or dads, who work multiple jobs to stay one step ahead of bankruptcy, though everyone suggests the easy way out. Parents who never give up their kids. Especially, those people big enough to step out. Out of their comfort zone or out of the way.  How about those people, who stand in the way of the wolves in sheep's clothing. Even at the risk of being perceived judgmental, stupid or a host of other negatives adjectives, those wonderful people make the tough decisions, and do the hard tasks. They deserve an award. What they often get is opposition from the world and attacks from the devil.   Following Jesus means overcoming  fear of disappointment. It means obedience before acceptance. Emulating Christ is rewarding but never expect an award for it. Jesus writes His name on stained  hearts not stained glass.  Remember how the world awarded Him?

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