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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Decorating for Christmas

I love Christmas. There truly is something magical about it. More so than any other season, Christmas, makes us want to to transform the world into what we wish it was.  Doors are opened and food is offered freely to complete strangers. Decked out houses are cleaner, in preparation for parties and visitations.  Despite being busier than ever, people try to be nicer. Decorations are everywhere. Lights of all colors pierce the darkness making the world a brighter place. Then there is the Christmas tree. It's wrapped in lights, with specially placed ornaments in just the right spots to fill the "holes".No matter how perfect a tree looks, there are always holes to fill. Our lives have been decorated by Jesus. He has transformed us into lights. He uses us, by carefully placing us into lives to help fill the holes that only He can fill. No matter how perfect a life seems, there are always holes to fill. After salvation, as a part of worship and in spreading the gospel, our purpose may very well come down to simply decorating someone's life. Even if only briefly, make a difference. It's the best combat against depression I have found. No doubt the enemy will remind us of our failures. He'll tell us we should have come farther by now. He'll say you're not fit for decorating. God places his ornaments when and where he wants them. His decorations are always up, it's always our moment to shine.
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