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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Burden of Proof

Everyday, I hear of a new article trumpeting the charge for atheism. 
Uber-inteligent people, convinced God doesn't exist, articulate the ignorance of anyone who believes in a creator. Those believers, like myself, who openly defend the faith are often labeled delusional. Many of us lack either intellectual prowess or spiritual fortitude to debate the likes of Stephen Hawkins or Christopher Hitchens. If we are, in fact ignorant, then for sure ignorance is bliss. To be clear, I'm not attempting to defend my mediocre intellect. That would be a whale of a task. Really, my God doesn't need me to defend Him. Quite the opposite is true. He isn't a yeti, or a little green man from outer space. He can't be authenticated or quantified metaphysically speaking . So, what I find tragically comical is the burden of proof for a creator, placed on believers by many atheist. Why do we have to prove anything? Much evidence exist for things that are unprovable. Like your love for your children. As evident as it might be, it's impossible to prove. At the same time, you know it is true because you experience it daily. Just because, someone who's never been a parent hasn't got a clue what that kinda love is, doesn't mean it isn't real. You wouldn't feel pressure to prove that. The same should apply to matters of faith in God. Imagine someone  analyzing a beautiful painting, while trying to explain why the paint randomly, spontaneously adhered to the canvas, to the sons and daughters of the artist . Despite many scientists who believe, from Sir Isaac Newton to today's Francis Collins, many atheist still often condescend to believers as parents of children with an imaginary friend.  As if, nothing can exist outside of what men have a capacity to measure. Atheism means placing your faith in mankind and only mankind. Let that sink in. It means explicitly trusting modern men, whose feet barely left the dirt less than 200 years ago, to explain the cosmos. It means trusting the data and integrity of intelligent life with modern technology in its infancy to explain everything. A 15 billion year old ever-expanding universe, being measured by beings whose farthest reach is their moon, who are convinced the possibility of a creator is laughable. It's akin to weighing the ocean with bathroom scales while claiming pigmy right whales are extinct. By the way, modern scientist missed that one by 2 million years or so with a recent discovery of one.   . I'm not suggesting that new science can't be trusted even though it often debunks ideas once held as scientific truths. Rather, that 15 billion light years wide and counting, leaves a major margin for error.  Ruling out any possibilities isn't good science. It's arrogance. Not admitting a creator is a plausible theory to the origin of the universe is a closed minded agenda. Don't discount what you don't understand because you haven't experienced it. You never know what might wash up and change everything you once held as true. So you still don't believe in God? Can you prove that? 

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