The answer came from an unlikely source. I was complimenting a friend on how great his ability to play the piano. I said to him" I wish I could play like that. His reply, " Anyone can play like me. Anyone who will practice two hours a day."
    Suddenly it became clear to me. I did not want to be as good a piano player. I wasn't willing to practice.  People practice medicine, law, kung-fu and any other vocation they hope to improve but know they can never perfect.  While I had no interest in becoming a great pianoist, I wanted a closer relationship to Christ.  I knew I had to quit skipping practice. I had to pick up my cross instead of wearing it.
   My faith was the problem.  My faith was weak because I did not cultivate.  Salvation was just the begininig. God had planted , through His word, his seed of salvation into the soil of my soul. He had brought it forth with joyous resurrection. It had sprouted. It was alive. Would it bring forth a harvest? The seed was good. The harvest depends on the soil. The soul. If it is dry, then irrigate. If it is rocky, then dig out the rocks. Pull the weeds. Fertilize.
 If  you want a closer walk with Christ, then you must practice Christainty. Cultivation is the key. Continue to work the soil of  your soul so your faith with grow.
 James 2:22 says it like this Speaking of Abraham: "You see, his faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete. " 
The more faith you have, the more you get.  The question really is, do I want more? Am I attending a bible teaching church?  Do I have a small group? Am I reading God's word? Am I giving to a ministry? Am I using any of my talents and resources to enrich the lives of others?  What is my next step? Am I  practicing Christianity ? I can't answer these for you. I can say  for myself ,  there is always room for improvement.   I can't tell you to wade in or jump in.  I will tell you to get in, stay in, and keep moving. Be prepared to fail sometimes but remember your ultimate success doesn't depend on your efforts but Christ's victory for you.  My prayer, is that noone ever has to wonder if you and I are followers of Christ.