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Friday, February 27, 2015


 As I have shared before, coming home can be the most beautiful part of an adventure. There might not be anything as exciting as getting back to normal. Since I have a while before I'm back to normal, I should be excited for some time. Some might argue I could never get "back" to normal. Another wild ride in any case. The outlook is good. I will follow up at Duke every six months. I returned to work for my first full week since September. Hopefully, I return to the gym next week. With all the excitement, I took a break from my normal routine of writing to enjoy my homecoming but soon I'll be rambling, ranting, or squawking spiritual satire. It felt wonderful to see my girls for the first time in months. The kiss my wife gave me was WOW!. Church was a blast. I couldn't walk five feet without getting a hug. It was humbling and wonderful. I made Monday night small group despite having a wicked sinus infection. Music, food, fellowship with close friends, could you tell me, how could it be any better than this? I couldn't resist throwing something at my pal, Tony. It had been too long. While he wasn't looking, in what was reminiscent of David's stone striking Goliath, a cough drop bounced from Tony's forehead. I can't say enough about my small group. When we get together the devil has to step up his game. If there's a spiritual lesson in this homecoming, then it's that people take too much for granted. Don't miss out on telling people how much they mean to you and to God. It overwhelms me that God can give every person His undivided attention simultaneously. And He loves everyone of them.

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