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Thursday, January 22, 2015

In the Name Of Love

If you have been on social media, in the past month, you've no doubt seen post from big name news sources spotlighting an incestial relationship between a 36 year old father and his 18 year old, long lost daughter. On the outside chance you missed it, here's a link to click. Warning, if reading this makes you nauseated, don't read the detailed interview of the daughter. It will make you loose your cookies. Before social media, I remember a time when such subjects were taboo or at least shocking. Even now, the subject has brought a frenzy of comments on Facebook and Twitter. With exception to the warped mind convinced of their bleeding heart, the overall sentiment of the public is incest is totally wrong. I concur. What else would you expect from an intolerant Christian? What about the rest of tolerant society? Apparently, even the godless find incest intolerable. Top atheist writers find incest so repulsive they write about the problems of  "emotional incest". You can google it along with Patheos. If you can get around the obvious attack on Christianity, you'll find the atheist are on to something. It's a real parent trap, everyone, especially Christians, should be mindful of. Still, does any of this matter if God is nonexistent?
If there such a thing as "normal" behavior and wright and wrong when it comes to relationships, where does it come from? If man determines his own destiny, by whose authority do we condemn incest? If a god directs our paths, who are we to judge?  If it's happiness, then this couple seems to be in bliss. At least, for now, but there's always divorce once the new, I mean ick, wears off . If it is okay, as long as they are not hurting anyone, then let it go. How can it threaten "the  family " or society? Using the possibility of birth defects begs this question . Can those, not yet conceived, have the right to a stronger genetic code than incest can provide, while somehow those conceived have no right to life? Even the most tolerant are shaking their heads in disbelief of incest.  Despite the scientific suggestions incestials are born this way,  it's a safe bet you find this wrong. If being born a certain way legitimizes homosexual relationships, then certainly GSA would in turn, rationalize incest. Right?  Don't you trust the science? It would seem the smoke and mirrors of research hasn't clouded society's collective reflection of incest, pedophilia, and beastiality. For the moment, these are still just plain wrong. Well, except in the case of incest. It's  plainly wrong everywhere in the U.S. but New Jersey. Yet, many of those who can't palate incest, would swallow their own medicine where incest is concerned to spoonfeed the rest of us "we aren't on a slippery slope". No matter how much sugar you cut it with, it still tastes yucky and no one's convinced it's good for us. If marriage becomes a constitutional right, what will be the grounds for preventing incestial couples from matrimony? How long before we force pastors to marry incestial couples or threesomes? Photographers and bakers be afraid. When did we equate sex to love? Does attraction demand an uncontrollable action? Where did we loose control?
 The bible teaches "God is Love" 1John4:8. In that respect, there are no limits to love but loving relationships have boundaries. Those boundaries are clearly drawn by the inventer, engineer, and chief architect of love and sex. For now, at least in this case, the general consensus wants certain lines to go uncrossed. In a world where lines are so blurry that pedophiles can create charitable organizations demanding equality, like B4-UACT, a few more questions come mind. Like, how much more insanity will we tolerate? And what other relationship boundaries might the bible be right about ? 

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