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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just a Little Thank You Note

 Dear Father,
Thank you for meeting me at church today. It was really awesome. I'm sorry that last week, even though you never left my side, I wasn't focused entirely on you. I confess listening to some of the cheap shots the enemy threw my way the last few days. He followed us to the gym tonight as I'm sure you are aware. During the three miles and 45 minutes of pumping iron, he spewed more lies. I told him everything I could remember from your word. I told him how you've given me a spirit of power and love. I told him how he can't use me since you've given me a spirit of discipline and a sound mind. I promised him I'd learn more to remind him things I don't even know yet. I told him how you are going to continue to use your church. He knows our community is going to become the hardest place on earth to get to hell from. So we'll be needing you now more than ever. Oh yeah, I told him how your word says perfect love cast out fear and how I'm not afraid anymore. 
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