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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Best Part of the Trip

With the journey almost completed, our guide set a new course toward one last beautiful place. We've visited mountains and waterfalls but our guide assures me this is the most beautiful place yet. So, the excitement builds as we follow him. I am familiar with this place. A large Bradford pear stands like a lone sentry at the drive, guarding the path to the vegetable garden. A row of crape myrtles, in full bloom, keep watch along the perimeter of the western border while   roses defend the home front. In the middle of the property, between the house and barn, daylillies and lantana encircle a purple plum. The floral fountain cascades with roses and hibiscus ending in a stream of pink verbena carpeting the edge of the drive. Oh, how wonderful it is to be home! The sweat and blood of my labor.
No one loves to travel more than myself.  Someone once said ," home is where you are." I hope that's not true and that you have somewhere special to return to. There really is no place like home. Fittingly today,  through the sweat and blood of our church, and others of our community, Bob Granata will move into his new home. (If you don't know Bob's story check out the link below.)   Now he will have a special place to go.
Although I'd love to see every inch of this world our master has created, I love my home.  No matter where I go, I love to tell people about my faith, family, friends and home. I also like to return home with new stories of adventure. 
As Christains, it's important to remember we are just here on a mission trip and to be anxious to go home. Our home has streets of gold and a crystal clear ocean. With no fear of death and no need for life support, I can't wait to go diving there. But while we're here, we need to tell people about our heavenly home.  We need to tell them how the mansion our father has built for us and how it was paid for through the sweat and blood of Jesus. We need to help them get started with their own mansions both here and home. I'm so excited. Can't wait to get there? You comin'?

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