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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Right Under My Nose

Growing up in the hardware business has afforded me many life lessons. Many of those, spill over into examples of how my Christian faith works. For God often uses the things right under our noses to teach us. Allow me to share my most recent.
Over the years, I set myself on auto pilot when it comes to customer returns. I simply take it back and the manufacture gives me credit. No griping about how the customer could have made this item work with the effort or the imagination of a snail. Because of this, I have aquired items I would never have been able to otherwise. I have repaired many of those returned items and restored them to their intended use. Rescuing them from the dump. Since I know this , I also know people will reject new items for the slightest imperfection. Thus, the begining of my love affair with factory reconditioned tools.
 Factory reconditioned tools are no longer in their original packages. Someone else has discovered something wrong wrong with, and rejected it. The factory, rather than abandoning its creation, takes the tool  and bears the extra expense of repairing it. Once the tool is functioning correctly, the tool is stamped "recon" and placed into service. This time, the tool has had special attention from the factory in making sure it operates as if it were new. Still many will miss the big picture. They will only see the recon stamp and simply never give the tool a chance. Consequently, they miss out on a great tool at a great price. Honestly, a factory reconditioned tool maybe less a risk than an unused tool still boxed.
 Every Christian out there has been factory reconditioned.  Returned to our maker, at his expense, to create something new, and to preform the task we were specifically designed for. Rescued from the dump, we are sealed by the factory, by the blood of Christ, placed into His service.  Forever looking for those,who like us, are rejected by this world. Who, although they are still wrapped in their pretty packaging, need that special attention and that reconditioning by the the savior.We must not miss out on this great deal. What's funny, is how God reveals blaring little metaphors in things you see everyday. However, up until that moment, you amazingly managed to miss it. Perhaps, He chooses to reveal things right under our noses to remind us to walk by faith and not by sight.