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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Something the Little Birdie Told Me

Directly in front of my work station is a monitor. The nine screens display the most mundane videos on the planet.  Just a constant parade of trucks and customers coming and going in and out our warehouse. Nothing unusual ever happens. Unless, you count a blue bird  trying to make the outside camera housing his home. I first noticed the extremely large blue blur on my monitor when the bird would hover infront of the camera. He tried desperately, to no avail, to get inside the camera housing which looks similar to a bird house. Frantically, he would peck the lens cover, until overcome by exhaustion he'd find rest on top of the camera pole. Then, with his strength refreshed, he returned to his futile mission. He continued and repeated the process for three days. Hopefully, he found a proper place to live. The whole thing reminded me how Christians, myself included, sometimes try desperately to to find a home in a society that cannot possibly accommodate us. It's sort of like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. We simply don't belong here. But why would we want to? Heaven, sounds so much better  yet we want to keep one foot and one eye on this world. God's grace is sufficient, I keep forgetting.
    While, our investments afford us plush accommodations, God rarely seems concerned with our being comfortable here. We try to find creative ways to appeal to a public that hates us. Even though, Jesus told to expect just that, since it hated him. It should be enough that he loves us. We must learn to love them without expecting, or even wanting, their love in return. Over and over, we spend our energy on this world, as if we believe it's our final resting place or permanent residence. Throughout the scriptures, God reminds us it's not.Click here for my favorite example.
 Sometimes, when I see something I want but do not need, I can hear God whispering to me.
 " That is not for you. You're just passing through and that's too much for you to carry on this journey." Sometimes I ignore him. Sometimes I foolishly try to negotiate the terms with Him. As if, I could fence with God.  But every once in a while, in child like wonder, I set down that thing too big for me to carry. I look up to the Lord and ask, "Where are we going, Lord?"
"To your mansion", He replies
" I know, a little birdie told me.", I chuckle, walking away from my would be burden.
 He, nods and smiles, then whispers " I told him what to say."