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Monday, January 18, 2016

Are you Merely Injected with Christ?

Today, I received the final vaccine in preparation for a mission to Tanzania, Africa. I did my research and looked up the various vaccines I would need on the CDC's website. Then, I did what any cheapskate would do. I opted for the bare minimum and less expensive injections I could get away with. It's not that's just the way I roll. It's the way I have to. I still ended up with almost five hundred dollars in preventative medicine.  It's equivalent to around eight months salary for the average worker were I am going. It's hard for us to imagine.
Waiting in the doctor's office, I realized many of us treat our salvation in much the same way. As if, salvation were only some preventative medicine in which a minimum dosage could make you immune from Hell. I started wondering, what if salvation was injectable?
Of course, there would be some that refused it, saying it wasn't really needed. Others would simply pretend they had it to get them into the places where it would be a requirement.There would be some that claimed the vaccine itself wasn't a real cure. Sadly, if it were possible,  many claiming to have had the injection would prevent others from receiving theirs.
 Every evangelist can tell you stories where a prospective convert will ask, "just how much of Jesus do I need to get to heaven?"If salvation were a vaccine, no doubt loads of people would take the minimum. Perhaps, even more troubling, if we are honest, most currently on the vaccine,  just wouldn't follow the doctor's orders, despite him paying all the cost. So many of us fail to exercise our faith, and hold back bold prayers, like we are afraid of a reaction to the medicine. Because we are merely injected with Christianity.
 Scripture tell us  "no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man Imagined, what God has prepared for those that love him.  2 Corinthians 9
If we're are honest, many Christ followers long to see the power of God move, but prays as if we are scared He will. The enemy has used the mystery of where God's call might take us to frighten us so much, many will settle for a bridled spirit. It's like turning the volume way down while playing your favorite song. It makes no sense. It's why I cringe at "be careful what you pray for, you just might get it".
 Here's what I know, I am cancer free but I follow my cancer doctor's orders. I don't miss appointments and I still take his advice. Likewise, we should follow Christ's instruction. Salvation isn't meant to be some one time injection cure all quick fix. It's the beginning of a life long treatment plan. It's a beginning of a relationship. Like all relationships, you have to communicate what you want out of it. I triple dog dare you to dream big dreams and pray bold prayers so you can watch God show off.
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