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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Resistance Training & The So Called "War on Christianity"

Turn on the television or pick up a paper and you'll eventually hear about the "war on Christianity." Some of my secular friends aren't aware of it, but for sure there is a war on Christianity. Whether you know about it or not, you have chosen a side.  Everyday, our nation slides further down the slope of godlessness. Even though the roots of our nation are embedded in Christianity, our nation is caught up in a rat race. The liberties we took for granted only two decades ago are eroding away. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is winning the war against Christianity, at least by the world's definition of winning. The problem with winning the rat race is in the end you're still just another rat. So when China destroys a church building, it's headline news to say " the war on Christianity" .click here for the story.
Here in the west, as we enjoy last comforts our Christian heritage has afforded us, there are those that would have us tow the line. Well meaning people want us to just go back to the way it used to be. I used to be one of them. I now have changed my mind. It's not that I no longer have hope for America. It's not that I don't love her. I just understand and recognize the enemy's tactics.
For three months, I have been trying to reverse the damage of twenty two years of bad choices.  I have dropped forty four pounds. I can see muscles where I've never seen muscles in my life. I had to tear down the old body to build up a new one. I feel younger. My confidence level is at an all time high. All because of the resistance training. Even though I am not at my goal, a funny thing has happened. I have gone from hating the resistance to embracing it because of the results. Embracing the resistance is the power swap our enemy is afraid of.  Our enemy has allowed us to become gradually fat. We have traded the nutritious truth for what Satan feeds us ...that taste sweet now. Complacency has covered our weak spiritual muscles. We need to exercise our faith. Miracles can only happen in the midst of a crisis.  If  being a follower of Christ, is about becoming more like Christ we need the resistance.
The truth is every since before the cross, there has been a war Christianity. Way back in the garden.  The war isn't about our freedoms, our fortunes, or our culture. It's not about buildings. It's about souls.  It's about connecting to our creator. That's never easier than with the resistance. Christianity isn't a lifestyle. It isn't an idea. It's a relationship. You can't win a war against relationships because no one can take away the love between friends. You can't destroy the church. People are the church not buildings.  Unlike buildings, when you tear people down, they have a way of becoming stronger. It was the way we were designed. For reasons the world can't understand, the church flourishes in the persecution. Maybe that's why Jesus said to love your enemies.

Father, help me embrace the resistance. Help me endure the resistance. Underneath this mess, is what you want me to be. Though in this world I'll never complete my goal, help me look as much  like Jesus this side of heaven.