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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Are you listening?

"Proofs in the pudding" whatever that means.

Check out the link above. So scientist have discovered more evidence to support the Big Bang theory. Before creationist roll their eyes, with this new evidence comes strong support for a creator. To make a long story short, the new evidence suggests in addition to a starting point of the universe, the Big Bang had to have a starter. A catalyst, a pusher if you will. Something outside of time, space, and matter had to pull the trigger. Exciting as that may be for believers, you can rest assured much time a research will go into finding a more logical explanation. Some people won't listen to reason. What if science actually proved the existence of God? Would that make more people have faith? I don't think so. In fact, I don't think even seeing God would change a thing since we tried to kill Him the last time He was here. Apparently, God puts more stock into listening rather than seeing. "Seeing is believing " but the bible says " faith comes from hearing". After all, if you can't see that there's a creator, you are visually impaired and ain't no amount of magnification gonna fix it. In order to have faith in something you don't have to see it, or understand it but you got to listen to it.  Witness to enough people and you'll find most don't want to listen to it. Jesus said they wouldn't listen even if someone came back from the dead then He did just to prove it.  Take Romans chapter one. We have. "Clearly seen" and are "without excuse". Mankind knows the truth yet we have rebelled since the garden. Do we have to have data from the telescope to tell us how big God is? Is He hiding so well we need a microscope find Him?  Believing is not equivalent to faith for even Satan believes in God. Belief is something you can develope by understanding what you know. Faith is believing in something you know you can't understand. And God is too wonderful to understand, don't you know.