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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Placing my bet. Going "All In".

I was "all in" or at least I thought I was. Love God. Check. Love people. Check. Do something. Check. I mean, I love my church, the Rock. I love the people, my small group, our pastor. I volunteer. I even have a picture of the planned campus at the top of my dream board. So, how could I be one who is having doubts about the whole building thing?
 Because, I just love staying afterwards to stack that closet. I will miss that closet.  Let's be honest, we are talking about money and lots of it. Can't we build something cheaper? Is this the right thing to do? Is now the right time to do this? Then it hit me. I had not picked up the prayer guide. I had an opinion, yet hadn't bothered to get God's. So I asked, "God what do you think?"
. Here is some things He showed me.
It is only seven verses from "blessed are you...the rock on which I will build my church" to "get thee behind me Satan."  Check it out click here. Spiritual forces are warring against us. That's a good sign but I hate it when they work through my short comings. Peter and I have a lot in common. Both of us need to get out of God's way. I am betting that day, Peter wasn't sure about the whole church idea either.  So, just in case you're worried about our leadership, God built a church on a man that denied Him three times, anyway. I trust in our imperfect leaders. I trust our perfect God, even more . I am providing nothing except my obedience. If I am obedient to God, I am in no way obligated to make this a success. (but I trust it will be ) He is doing the building. I trust God but...
Could we build something cheaper? Absolutely, but then we would be building it. If God has unlimited resources, can we afford to settle for mediocre? I believe God wants to show up, but will He, if we dream small? Right about now, if  Moses was here, he'd say, " be careful this could cost you forty years of wandering". It was a strange set of circumstances that led me to the Rock, a church I didn't  want to go to, and didn't like at first, but now love. It has been life changing for me. I can't put a price tag on that. Just like I can't put a price tag on the soul that we might not reach any other way without this building. One soul escaping hell is worth a hundred buildings. When Jesus went " all in" for us, the cost was much higher.
Are the stakes high? You bet. No you check, I'll bet. I'll go "all in". As with any "all in" bet,  I am praying. I'm not betting on my pastor. I am not betting with my money.  I am betting with Jesus. I am betting on God. All bets are final. It's the only safe bet.