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Friday, August 31, 2012

Don't Do God Any Favors

    Each month, I reflect on the greatest lesson God has taught me the past thirty days. This past month, I have had an education. I could have told you about some serious problems I was having, until a tree landed on Bob's house, destroying it. Then all my problems seemed small. As soon as I got the news, I went straight to Bob. I did not see a tree, or a disaster, I saw an opportunity. We prayed. We quoted ROMANS 8 :28.
28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose." And the scripture was proven true right then and there.  Bob believed God caused that tree to fall on that house for his good, then God called me to His purpose... to help Bob.
      Our church family has really stepped up and answered the call. Pastor Kevin connected with Bob and made sure his immediated need of shelter was met. Chris Fulmer first gave Bob tarps to protect his home's contents. Jill and I have given him a place to stay. Andy Howell and John Lowes helped remove the tree. Jim and Michelle Worley, Jim Brown, Aaron Langston, Mike Ailshie, and Julie Alesie all helped move Bob's valuables to a safe place. Jodi Outlaw has built and maintained Bob's facebook page. The Rock staff, especially Debbie Richardson, have been an awesome help. Kevin Sansbury has researched county records. David Deitz has drawn and engineered the house plan. Other's have given or pledged their time and money from inside and outside our church. Especially Bob Cody, a contractor outside our church, who itemized a list of what we need for this project. Four local churches have donated to Bob. Together, we have raised over $7000. We have three fundraisers planned. We are on the way to building Bob a home with God's help.

Here is what I have learned, so far:           

God works in mysterious ways.  I know it's cliche, but can it be a coinidence, because a tree fell on a house, I got a talk with an agnostic atheist friend, while we are studying how to defend the faith?

God's call comes with two guarantees. All needs supplied.CHECK. Opposition from the enemy. CHECK.

People will disappoint you. as I am sure I have and will. I welcome any spiritual correction for myself. I need it. Please know that my heart is in the right place as I share this. I have asked several close personal friends,who are pastors, to help with this project. Most have flat out ignored my request. They seemed indifferent about it, giving no conversation to it at all.  In my opinion, this cause is a no brainer for believers based on James 2: 14-17. By the way you know who gets this? A man, poorer than any of you monetarily and spiritually bankrupt. He's my atheist friend ,who has and will continue, to help out the homeless. However, no, would have been my second favorite answer. What you left me was a wondering mind because you ignored me, Bob, and possibly someone else far more important (see Matthew 25:44-45) Here is a suggestion on how to respond in matters such as this: No, I am sorry we can't. We are already involved in ministries and have obligated ourselves.

Not answering the call means you miss out. Bob has been at our home for 21 days.  I have taken Bob to a my group for almost a year. He has rode to church with me many Sundays. He stayed with me when he did not have any heat  in the winter. Although I thought so at first, I'm not doing God any favors. He was always going to take care of Bob. He was just blessing me in the process with a special friend. I am sure the same goes for any call. I have ignored some, regrettably. Each and every time I say no to God, I've said no to something wonderful and better.And that goes for all of us.